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Website: https://www.radixcloud.net/

Radix’s vision, is to re-shape the financial services industry by delivering: engaging, customer centric products and services, seamlessly, at a time and place of the end users’ choosing.

We do this through the provision of leading solutions to banks and financial service companies that, in turn, allows them to develop and deliver market leading financial products and services to their target customers.

Our platform FlexiFin, allows banks to re-invent their products, processes, and operating models in a single, cloud capable, API based, transactional, saving and lending core. FlexiFin employs event sourcing. All services are event driven allowing for gathering and responding to events in real time. As all services expose RESTful API's any Front-End framework can be deployed against these services.

FlexiFin has an open platform-based approach and architecture allowing internal bank teams or external FinTech’s to have developer access to providing applications. This furnishes customers with more banking services and increases revenue streams for the bank. FlexiFin provides an opportunity to pursue one or many business models such as: • An aggregator capitalizing on providing frictionless digital customer centricity and account aggregation services. • A distributor where banks can offer Third Party services that are not within the bank’s competencies / current systems / regulation. • An enabler of FinTech’s by offering core bank micro-services to them via API’s. • A data provider, by allowing access to data it has within the bank

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