Ozow (Pty) Ltd

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Ozow (Pty) Ltd

Website: https://www.ozow.com

Ozow is the future of payments as we know it. It is the easy, premium, Instant EFT solution that can be done in 20 seconds or less while staying 100% secure. With Ozow, merchants can integrate a variety of payment options, such as Mobile Payments, eCommerce, Tokenisation, eBilling or QR Code, and experience a range of benefits for both their company and their customers.

Through Ozow, merchants are able to experience real-time payments with instant transaction notifications, through Ozow’s precise, zero fraud and chargebacks system. Merchants also enjoy transaction fees from as low as 1,5%, enabling them to save their money. Aside from this, merchants also have the ability to entice customers with a simple, credit card free solution, resulting in less abandoned carts, increased sales and overall, more happy customers.

It is the future of payments as we know it. So, bring your business into the 21 st century, with Ozow.

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