About us We believe that innovative solutions are created mainly thanks to the cooperation of people.Therefore, we support an open company culture and diversity in our teams. We strive for excellence through education and knowledge, working with the most talented people in IT. It doesn't matter if you're a technology company, bank, or FinTech start-up full of fresh ideas. We are here to combine excellent teamwork, technology and know-how. This allows companies and organizations to improve collaboration, make fact-based decisions and make the most of their potential. Our work controls petrol stations from the USA to Australia, manages the processing of tens of thousands of marketing campaigns, and allows dispatchers to control hundreds of buses across Europe.

What we do

FinTech partners We help innovative companies around the world apply cutting-edge technologies to financial products and services. We design and create payment systems and loyalty programs and use our experience in developing dozens of large FinTech solutions. Our solutions meet the security requirements of PCI DSS and PA-DSS.

Cooperation and data driven decisions We will set up the right collaboration within your organization, with customers, partners and suppliers. We will help you digitize, process and extract data efficiently with a tailor-made software solution, which will allow you to make informed and accurate decisions.

DevOps masters Our experts will help you implement the entire DevOps process from initial analysis to monitoring and automated testing setup. We have experience in continuous delivery, continuous integration, serverless development and more.

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