MoneyNetint Limited

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MoneyNetint Limited


Moneynetint Limited is a UK based authorised Electronic Money Institution regulated by the FCA and operating in the international payments industry since 2005.

We provide a variety of services for small and medium-sized businesses as well as to individuals. Among these services we provide with:

1. Multi-currency wallets associated with a local bank account in Europe and the US.

2. Cross-border wire transfers and local payment capabilities in Europe, US, UK, Israel, South America and Asia.

3. Settlement accounts for e-commerce and retail merchants.

4. A wide network of partners allowing competitive cost structure and low FX rates

5. A payment system that was developed in-house and being constantly supported by our team, friendly UI and a one-stop payment system to manage all financial needs of your business.

6. RippleNet member allowing our customers to process x-boarder transfers over the block-chain in a fast, safe, transparent and cost-effective way.

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