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Website: https://microblink.com/

Microblink is an R&D company with a mission to simplify data entry in mobile and web apps using camera input. Using advanced AI methods, we develop state-of-the-art computer vision and data extraction technology, linking modern mobile apps with the physical world. Our mobile SDKs and Web APIs are optimized for easy integration into any existing app or website. Businesses all over the world use Microblink's technology for automated data entry to reduce operational costs, save time, and delight users. Our client portfolio consists of both established banks and financial institutions, government institutions, insurance providers, as well as fintech companies, system integrators, and startups. In the financial industry, in particular, many businesses have recognized the importance of user experience in dull, laborious processes in payments and customer onboarding. By eliminating manual data input, Microblink’s data extraction solutions have turned those processes into a fun and engaging part of the customer journey.

BlinkID mobile SDK and Web API is the most efficient first step in customer registration and onboarding processes. It uses a mobile or web camera to scan IDs, driver's licenses, passports, work permits, visas, and other identity documents.

BlinkCard saves users from the nuisance of typing in long bank card numbers by enabling swift, real-time scanning of credit and bank cards in any app or website - faster than any other credit card scanner on the market.

All Microblink's products work offline and with on-device processing, ensuring that the extracted data stays in the right hands.

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