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Kharon is the definitive resource for understanding and managing sanctions-related risk.

Kharon is a first of its kind research and data analytics platform that provides financial services firms and other multinational institutions worldwide with the most comprehensive resource for understanding and managing sanctions-related risk. Kharon, which is staffed by a multilingual team of highly-trained open-source intelligence analysts, conducts deep data research and analysis on the networks, jurisdictions and activities targeted by global sanctions programs, focusing in particular on associated commercial relationships that present material risk considerations. Kharon's expert research and data analytics enable its clients to meet evolving regulatory expectations and better manage the increasing complexity associated with the management of regulatory, commercial and reputational risk, created by undetected associations with sanctioned actors or conduct. Financial services institutions and global corporates rely on Kharon and its seamless integration with sanctions and AML compliance procedures, as well as broader due diligence functions. Kharon is underpinned by its own proprietary technology platform that enables the discovery, analysis, structuring and publication of data and insights with efficiencies, complexity and scale previously unattainable.

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