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Website: https://www.iproov.com/

iProov creates digital trust by authenticating a user's genuine presence in uncontrolled environments, combining biometrics and anti-spoofing. Covered by 12 granted patents, our unique approach to spoof prevention, world-class deep learning technologies and focus on sustainable security has given us an unrivalled global reputation.

We use a process of controlled illumination from the user's device screen. This allows us to detect and prevent all known attack vectors including masks, replay attacks, compromised devices, and - critically - the emerging threat of Deep Fake artificial video.

Customers in Financial and Government services have adopted our systems for online logon, step-up authentication, and for remote identity verification based on trusted ID documents. iProov is running in production with a number of major global banks, including ING and Rabobank. iProov is also working with Government organisations including the US Department of Homeland Security and the UK Government.

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