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Infraxis AG


Infraxis is a dynamic Swiss company that designs, develops, deploys and supports extremely cost-effective payment processing and testing solutions for its customers.
Infraxis specialises in processing solutions for card issuers that include standard mobile payment technologies. Approximately 28% of all credit cards issued in Germany are currently being authorised on an Infraxis PayStorm solution.

Infraxis are experts in the fuel payment processing market, where its solutions cover issuer, acquirer and enhanced switching functions for its customers. PayStorm solutions are available for forecourt businesses wishing to acquire card and mobile payments across multiple fuel card schemes.

IQS from Infraxis delivers state-of-the-art testing functionality on demand, supporting the needs of any organisation requiring to simulate and test any aspect of payment infrastructure, including applications, networks and devices. IQS streamlines both the technical and logistical processes associated with testing to increase efficiency and quality. IQS seamlessly integrates with Dev-Ops, delivering on-demand testing to the world of Agile software development.

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