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Fininbox provides full IT systems “in a box” for modern financial services.

We’re part of the Forbis Group, the maker of FORPOST banking software which leading international banks rely on to meet the challenges of today’s financial industry. Based in EU member Lithuania, Forbis has been building advanced banking information systems for three decades. 

Fininbox delivers FORPOST on a flexible SYSTEM-as-a-service (SaaS) basis: software, infrastructure, support and development. Everything. For a trusted and customer-friendly banking system that costs less, has more features and scales more easily than one built and maintained in-house.

In a world of rapid change, this approach can really pay off for institutions of any size: from banks and credit unions, to payment providers, currency exchange operators and FinTech firms of every kind. 

Enabling total focus on creating value for customers. And eliminating many costs and headaches.

By renting, not re-inventing, great financial IT.

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