Enterprise Estonia

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Enterprise Estonia

Website: http://www.eas.ee/en

Built together with a forward-thinking government, proactive entrepreneurs and tech-savvy people, Estonia is the first country in the world to function as a digital service. 99% of our public services are available online. Our ambitious IT sector dares to create solutions that change the world. 

Our exhibitors at Estonian Pavilion:
Bankish www.bankish.eu
DataMe www.datame.eu
EstateGuru www.estateguru.co
EveryPay www.every-pay.com
Fitek www.fitek.ee
Icefire www.icefire.ee
Messente Communications messente.com
MindTitan mindtitan.com
Mooncascade www.mooncascade.com
SK ID Solutions www.sk.ee
Veriff veriff.com

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