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Crown Agents Bank


Crown Agents Bank (CAB) is a UK regulated wholesale provider of emerging market and G10 foreign exchange & payments. We are the key link between our focus markets in Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America & Asia Pacific, and our clients; Financial Institutions, Non-Bank Financial Institutions and FinTechs.

Crown Agents Bank has 180+ years of providing banking services across emerging economies. We work with Central Banks, Commercial Banks & Regulatory authorities to improve compliance controls & banking standards, encourage economic growth and financial inclusion which is socially & politically sustainable. We partner with diverse wholesale institutions who have requirements to funnel “in-bound” flows of currencies, payments and trade into and out of our focus markets.

Crown Agents Bank was acquired in 2016 by Helios Investment Partners and in 2019 Crown Agents Bank acquired the New York based B2B mobile payments business, Segovia. Segovia provides the platform to extend our last mile delivery further in to mobile, low-value ACH and SWIFT in our chosen markets.

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