Brüc + Bond

Brüc + Bond


Brüc + Bond is a boutique banking firm.

Serving as an intermediary, Brüc + Bond works for the benefit of both clients and banks. Brüc + Bond facilitates long-term banking relations by understanding the needs of business and of our banking partners.

We work with a global network of partner banks and hand-pick the right client for the right bank. Operating from multiple locations worldwide, we understand the requirements and language of banks, businesses and regulators globally. We use our extensive expertise in financial services compliance to help our clients avoid financial and regulatory blunders while reducing the compliance burden placed on banks.

Our areas of expertise are global and cross-border payments, regulatory compliance, risk assessment and technological integrations.

The professional, multinational team at Brüc + Bond guides companies from the beginning of the application process, through on-boarding and into a prosperous and secure future. Our ongoing account management, payments management and banking relations management services ensure successful and mutually beneficial collaboration between banks, clients and us.

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