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Belleron is a trusted financial crime and large scale attacks solution pioneer. The company helps fight large-scale, difficult-to-detect banking attacks and helps dealing with the unknown Open Innovation Threats (OIT), emerging from PSD2 and Open Banking. We safeguard society’s confidence in financial institutions and protect people in their daily financial lives. Belleron was founded in 2012 by a group of seasoned financial crime, compliance and cybersecurity entrepreneurs. As our consultants work at banks fighting financial crime, we see a lot of appetite and budget in the innovations area's like PSD2 and Open Banking when it comes to risk. In this world of opening up to PSP's and AISP's nobody has a clue yet were the future crime will be, so better to monitor than to be surprised.

CAPTURE® is our product that covers the world of Financial Crime and massive attacks, Financial Terrorism, both summarised under Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) and Financial Innovation - Open Innovation Threats. CAPTURE® senses and monitors millions of transactions, variables and trends in real-time and analyse how they interact and correlate. CAPTURE® is powered by Machine Learning models we trained in the actual field. The models oversee the bank’s complete ecosystem from a top down perspective and provides real time insights when an attack unfolds.

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