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Barnes International provides the most thorough Chip and Magnetic Stripe Test Tools available with excellent customer service and worldwide technical help and support for Payment Schemes, Issuers, Laboratories, Card Manufacturers and Personalisation Bureaus. Expert EMV consultants to help issuers and bureaus speed up card development and time to market. We are experts in all major payment scheme requirements.
EMV Training, join our next public course or we can organise a private course for you.

Personalisation Validation Test tools to greatly speed up Card Development and Certification for Issuers as well as Quality Control processes at Bureaus and are in use in over 110 countries. We provide certification test tools to all global and many national EMV payment schemes.

CQM test tools and solutions for 100% inline testing for contactless cards or other devices - Q Factor, Resonance Frequency and Reading Distance. Mag-Tester Revo and 3000: The most reliable & accurate ISO 7811/CQM Mag-Stripe Analysers. P3 data preparation system for issuance of cards and EMV tokens is used in a variety of applications. The P3 solutions can be combined in several ways to satisfy the needs of both complete in-house card issuance, branch instant issuance and in-house data preparation only services.

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