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Bank on us for faster, lower cost, global banking

Banking Circle is a next-generation provider of mission-critical financial services infrastructure leading the rise of a super-correspondent banking network. Banking Circle empowers financial institutions to support customers’ trading ambitions – domestic and global - whilst reducing risk and the operational cost of transactions. 

By becoming a member of the Banking Circle, financial institutions can offer their customers banking services – from payments to loans – to help them trade domestically and globally, efficiently and at low cost. Importantly they can help their customers improve cash flow through enhanced speed of settlement whilst remaining fully compliant with financial regulation.

Banking Circle is empowering financial institutions to support their customers’ international trading ambitions, without the need for multiple banking relationships, whilst reducing risk and the operational cost of transactions.

Financial tech businesses bank on us to access accounts everywhere, settle payments quickly and improve customer services, by:

  • Offering banking services to their clients 
  • Improving cash flow through enhanced speed of settlement
  • Building client loyalty and retention through added value
  • Offering fast access to affordable, flexible business loans

Banks bank on us to reduce operational costs and risk while increasing their global reach:

  • Reducing overheads through lower operational cost of transactions
  • Reducing administrative resource needed to identify transaction laundering and lower risk
  • Servicing global markets and extending their service offering to encompass different payment types

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