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NEVIS Security Suite – the market leading Customer Identity and Access Management solution

The NEVIS Security Suite provides maximum security and complete protection for customer data, identities and transactions. The data and activities of your customers from all communication sources – whether PC, mobile phone or other mobile devices – are consolidated in one single place. In addition to providing 360-degree protection, you are now able to better implement your customers’ wishes – thanks to the NEVIS Security Suite, the no. 1 security solution for Swiss banks and insurance companies.

What makes the NEVIS Security Suite unique is that it doesn’t consist of many individual and complex interconnected modules, but is an integrated solution from a single source. Complicated interfaces or other technology disruptions are thus avoided. Benefit from the high level of reliability and convenience that makes it a particularly easy-to-use solution for you and your customers alike.

Our specialist knowledge

We have leveraged our entire knowledge of how to develop security-critical systems for the NEVIS Security Suite to provide you with an integrated solution that offers both 360-degree security and significant added value. This includes secure, easy-to-use multi-factor authentication across channels, options for using IoT approaches and many other innovative features. The NEVIS Security Suite was developed by AdNovum, a company that has been focusing on IT security since 1988. AdNovum currently employs worldwide more than 600 people. In Germany, NEVIS is represented with its own legal entity - NEVIS Security GmbH based in Munich.

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