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COINQVEST Enterprise Cryptocurrency Payment Processing

COINQVEST is a leading enterprise cryptocurrency payment gateway and API. Our all-one-one payment solution enable merchants and financial services providers to accept Bitcoin and other digital currencies from their clients and directly settle to the their fiat or cryptocurrency of choice.

With COINQVEST, merchants are able to process blockchain payments safely and reliably in realtime and in a compliant way and can easily extend their existing payment infrastructure with cryptocurrency payments.

The COINQVEST white-label API allows customers to offer blockchain payments under their own brand and add crypto payments, deposits, swaps, transfers, refunds, KYC/AML, and exception handling out-of-the-box to their payment rails.

Main features:

  • Multi-currency merchant account (Crypto and Fiat).
  • Supported currencies:
  • Crypto: BTC, ETH, LTC, XLM, XRP
  • Fiat: EUR, USD, ARS, BRL, NGN
  • Realtime payment processing of digital currencies and automated payment exception handling for Checkouts, Deposits, Withdrawals, Refunds and Swaps.
  • Protection from currency volatility – if a merchant sells a product for €100 and a customer pays in Bitcoin, the merchant must receive €100 EUR in their account guaranteed.
  • Direct withdrawal to bank account or crypto wallet.
  • Staying compliant with taxation and regulatory requirements
  • Easy technical integration with SDKs and shopping cart plugins
  • Comprehensive financial reports and exports
  • Automated payment exception handling (including over/under/multiple payments and sudden exchange rate slippage)

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