Claro Money

Claro is the UK’s first digital financial coaching app, designed to encourage everyone to make smarter financial decisions and drive a lasting change in the way society manages money.

Inside the Claro app, users can speak to a real financial coach, view their spending across multiple accounts, create goals, and choose saving and investing products based on their timeline, risk levels and values. The aim is to provide users with the education, support and tools to allow them to achieve their personal financial goals.

Unlike financial advice, which only 6% of the UK population can afford, financial coaching is an affordable and effective alternative. Claro's combination of technology and human expertise means they can deliver financial coaching to everyone, improving both the wealth and financial wellbeing of their users. Claro also provides market-leading ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) data within the app, so that users always have a choice of where they save and invest their money.

Claro is led by a team of banking and tech industry experts, who are dedicated to democratising banking, investment and money management.

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