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CheckSig is a leading Italian fintech company specializing in advanced crypto solutions tailored for financial institutions. The company’s mission is to secure and simplify access to digital assets, by providing an integrated, trustworthy, and transparent ecosystem.

The CheckSig Clear suite, CheckSig's flagship product, is specifically designed for the banking industry. It offers a Crypto as a Service model that includes technological infrastructures and processes for trading, custody, and additional services such as tax compliance, market insights, educational resources, and timely news.

CheckSig serves a broad spectrum of financial institutions, including retail and private banks, innovative neobanks, and experienced asset managers. Its highly scalable API platform and customizable processes are crafted to integrate seamlessly with the unique operational frameworks and specific needs of each institution, ensuring personalized and efficiency.

Setting industry standards for security and regulatory compliance, CheckSig is the world's first and only Bitcoin custodian to provide public proof-of-reserves. Subject to external SOC 1 and SOC 2 audits, it offers triple-A insurance coverage for funds under custody. This commitment to trust and safety is underscored by the selection of CheckSig’s custody solutions in the Bank of Italy’s 2022 Call for Proposal, highlighting its status as a trusted partner in the financial sector.

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