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CBI S.c.p.a.

CBI, founded in 2001 under the aegis of the Italian Banking Association, is a Public Limited Consortium Company, comprising approximately 400 Payment Service Providers (PSPs) including shareholders and customers, that is facilitating the establishment of collaborative ecosystems.

Operating from a Business-to-Business-to-Customer (B2B2C) perspective, CBI enables communications and operations between Banks, Public Administration, Industry, and citizens. Through, innovative business models, IT infrastructure and established standards, CBI has been providing value-added services required and requested by the Banking sector for the last 20 years, thereby playing a fundamental role in leading change in the evolving Italian Market.

CBI therefore offers Banks the advancement into a “network economy”, where services and value stem from an increased number of interconnected users.

A key achievement has been the launch of “CBI Globe” ( in 2019, an API-powered Payment Service Directive (PSD2) RegTech gateway, based on the Berlin Group European market-standard, allowing 80% of the Italian banking market – consisting of 300 banks, many of which are pan-European (eg. Intesa Sanpaolo), to adopt the requirements of the PSD2, whilst gaining exemption from implementing a fallback solution. The CBI Globe has registered so far more than 200 million API calls whit a relevant year-to-year growth which is increasing continuously.

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