CBI S.c.p.a.

CBI S.c.p.a. is a public limited consortium company, comprising 400 banks and other intermediaries as shareholders, that develops infrastructures, innovative services and ecosystems for the financial and banking industry, supporting digital payments, open banking and open finance; services that CBI customers, banks and fintechs, ultimately extend to a wide set of clients, responding efficiently and effectively to the needs of business, Public Administrations and citizens in an increasingly competitive market.

Over 80% of the Italian banking industry has chosen the CBI Globe platform, which streamlines the telematic dialogue among PSP, Fintech, enterprises, and the Public Administration to achieve compliance with the renewed EU regulatory framework and play an active role in the Open Banking scenario.

Thanks to the capacity to reach out to online bank accounts at European level, CBI Globe makes it possible to create innovative solutions for its clients. From an Open Finance and Data Monetization perspective, CBI has developed a few Value-Added Services to strengthen the competitiveness of its clients. Among these products, it is possible to mention the Check IBAN service - which allow corporates to mitigate risks by checking the correct ‘match’ between the ‘International Bank Account Number’ (IBAN) and the name of the payment beneficiary – and the smart onboarding service, which speeds up and simplifies onboarding processes of customers by instantly obtaining user data from the Intermediaries who hold such information, to facilitate user experience in the online forms and other which require end user data filling.

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