B.EST Solutions Estonia

B.EST Solutions Estonia, an award-winning Estonian IT company devoted to leveraging the most anticipated e-GOV solutions, with competency recognised by the UN, Google and Financial Times, OECD and U.S NIST. Over 15 years of expertise in developing and managing a national mobile digital identity and legally e-signing infrastructure with: more than 250 million transactions made; connected to more than 1500 e-services; 20 banks serve their clients using our mobile-ID. Our new generation eSIM and SIM based Mobile Identity solution with improved cryptographic capabilities enable users to give legally binding e-signatures and securely use any e-service. To date, the World Bank estimates that there are 1 billion people without official proof of identity worldwide. For the economically excluded, SIM and eSIM based Mobile Identity could help close the digital divide by providing a secure enough digital ID to open a bank account or a company.

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