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AutoRek is a leading provider of automated reconciliation software. We’ve been revolutionizing finance operations and controls for the global financial sector since 1994.

Our solutions are purpose-built to reduce operating costs, achieve regulatory compliance and help firms get in control of their data.

AutoRek is the go-to end-to-end reconciliation platform for some of the largest firms in the global payments sector, including GoCardless and Worldpay. Our solution is specifically designed to help overcome the most complex challenges in managing reconciliations, financial data management and reporting requirements.

With AutoRek, your firm can:

  • Save time, reduce costs and increase overall efficiency with automated reconciliations
  • Take control of your data with accurate and actionable MI
  • Eliminate manual processes to focus on value-add tasks
  • Improve month-end timelines to meet deadlines
  • Comply with safeguarding rules and avoid penalties
  • Mitigate financial and operational risk, ensuring profitability

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