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Austrade (Australian Trade and Investment Commission)

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) is the Australian Government’s trade and investment promotion agency. Austrade helps Australian businesses achieve diverse export outcomes.

We also help attract foreign direct investment in industries and services that benefit us today and will sustain our economy well into the future. Some of these include digital and medical technologies, net zero projects and technologies, defence, and quantum computing.

Australia has one of the fastest growing fintech industries in the world. The industry has grown from A$250m in 2015 to more than A$45bn in 2023 and is built on a dynamic tech ecosystem, a tech savvy population and a large, well-regulated financial system.

The new Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement commits the UK and Australia to strengthen engagement on fintech policy and regulation, facilitates trade flows, provides increased access to capital opportunities and addresses barriers to international growth.

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