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The power of inclusive leadership

We have always known how important it is to be inclusive especially at the leadership level.

RiseUp is our global program that answers the call to champion more diversity across the money ecosystem. We provide tomorrow’s women leaders with the network, tools and techniques needed to help them strategically advance to their next career level.

RiseUp is an explicitly inclusive program for all who identify as women.

Empowering women leaders

Since 2018 over 150 women from across the world have participated in our global RiseUp program, with more than 60% of participants being women of colour. Our RiseUp Academy provides aspiring women leaders with a unique opportunity to strategically create an effective roadmap for their desired career path.

What you’ll receive from the program:

  • Complimentary pass to Money20/20 Europe (21-23 Sept 2021, Amsterdam)
  • Curated agenda content
  • Bespoke sessions
  • Exclusive networking events
  • Private meet & greets with keynote speakers
  • One-to-one mentoring - both in person at Money20/20 Europe + additional virtual sessions Invitation to our virtual RiseUp Alumna community meetups

We surveyed our RiseUp alumna on where they are now and the impact RiseUp has had on their career goals:

  • Over half have received a promotion/moved into a more senior role since RiseUp
  • 80% felt more prepared for promotion after RiseUp
  • 82% felt the RiseUp network helped progress their career/opened new opportunities
  • 96% would recommend the programme to their peers

"My experience strengthened me as a CEO and founder and connected me to a priceless support network I have relied on a lot since then"

Lucía Gallardo



Advocates for diverse leadership

We believe diversity and inclusivity is key to driving our industry forward and to make that happen we:

Lead from the front to amplify the business benefits across Financial Services and Fintech

Empower women with access and actionable skills so they can unlock their full potential

Connect industry ‘movers and shakers’ with tomorrow’s leaders to help them build their tribe and experience career changing opportunities

Inspire others in our industry to create actionable plans for inclusion and empowerment

"RiseUp made me more aware of the importance of establishing my personal brand both in my company and in the industry, as well as the importance of building alliances"

Dora Chai

Platform Partnership


Meet Our 2021 Advisory Board

Serena Smith

Executive, Financial Services


Ghela Boskovich

Founder/Head of Europe


Olga Zoutendijk

Board Director

Julius Bär Group

Susan Barton



Wendy Holliday



Martha Mghendi-Fisher

Founder & Chair to Executive Board

European Women Payments Network

Audrey Blackmon

SVP of Business Development – Americas


Rebecca Mann

GH Enterprise Partnerships Commercial Development

Western Union

Neeta Mundra

Industry Transformation Advisor


Randall Tucker

Chief Inclusion Officer


Lauryn Nwankpa

Head of Social Impact


"RiseUp gave me the confidence to go for a more senior role and negotiate higher pay"

Ellie Hewitt

Director, Real Time Payments


Our RiseUp partners

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