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Assure Hedge

Assure Hedge is the World’s leading platform provider of modern, digitally delivered OTC (over the counter) hedging products and solutions. At Assure Hedge, we believe that efficient hedging solutions should be available for all the SMEs and Corporates involved in international business, be digitally delivered, on demand and bespoke, low cost and with full transparency. With offices in Dublin, London and Portugal, Assure Hedge (UK) Limited is an award-winning authorised and regulated company using our proprietary technology to simplify FX hedging, specialising in FX options, forwards, spot. We provide automated electronic and phone-based foreign exchange hedging solutions built specifically for corporates, FX brokers and treasury platforms to compliment or integrate into your existing product suite, enabling your business to provide additional cutting-edge services to your clients, whether they be SMEs or mid to large corporates.

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