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B2B commerce has a big impact on our lives. It ensures that we can work, eat and enjoy life. Yet it does not reach its full potential. Systems are cumbersome, collaboration is not always smooth, and there are financial issues…

AREA42 solves real B2B trade problems with TradeTech and we turn TradeTech solutions into reality. TradeTech is a new industry that leverages technology to improve the trade of goods and services.

TradeTech is here to bridge the massive (± $1.5 trillion) Trade Finance Gap. TradeTech is a FinTech niche (cashflow management, supply chain management, financing, risk management). We’re open to looking at other facets of TradeTech (logistics, accounting, insurance…) but our main focus is the TradeTech FinTech part due to our expertise.

We're working hard to make trade futureproof. No blah blah, but real and sustainable impact for our and future generations. We’re a venture builder specialized in B2B trade and we empower the most inclusive TradeTech community in the world.

Our TradeTech community gathers intelligent people who want to move forward. Together we’ll reinvent trade and create innovations that benefit the entire trade ecosystem.

We’re partnering with others to tackle problems too complex to fix alone (a.o. World Economic Forum, Fintech Belgium, La Place Fintech).

AREA42 wants to improve trade together with you and make solutions for a fluid and risk-savvy trade environment.

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