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Annerton is an independent law firm founded in 2020 and specialises in regulatory law in the financial sector. We consider ourselves to be part of the ecosystem and advise our clients at our offices in Berlin, Frankfurt a. M., Luxembourg and Munich with conviction and expertise. Our clients include established international groups as well as innovative start-ups active in the banking and financial services sector as well as the digital economy.

On behalf of our clients we tackle all manner of legal challenges, discuss and explain relevant aspects, risks and alternative courses of action and find innovative and viable solutions to the challenges facing our clients. What sets us apart is our strategic thinking, goal-oriented work and ability to look at issues from different perspectives. We stand by our work and only deliver what we firmly believe to be the correct course of action. We do not recommend anything that we would not also recommend to our family and friends. This is what makes us reliable.

Experience, expertise, knowledge. Sense of responsibility, process reliability, absolute dedication. Without the first three, it would not be possible to produce good work – and we could not imagine our work at Annerton without the latter three, either. It is precisely these qualities which set us apart from other law firms. These values are a result of the different personalities, lateral thinkers and leaders who move things forward at Annerton for our clients. We actually go the extra mile and creativity for us means above all freedom to think.

We are always looking for and trying something new. This is how we are able to ensure that our work is valuable, sustainable and effective for our clients as well as for us. Those working with us will experience us as genuine, reliable and straightforward.

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