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Meet Our 5 Faces of Fintech


Hiroki Takeuchi, CEO GoCardless

"For Me Money20/20 Is All About Connection"

This is more than the jaw-dropping content and reimagined networking, it's about immersing yourself in an experience and meeting the right people at the right time who’ll become the building blocks for your success.


Veronique Steiner, Managing Director J.P. Morgan

“If you were to ask me should I come next year? I would say, just do it”

Money20/20 Europe is the crème de la crème where serendipitous encounters, curated networking, industry-shaping content and strategic alliances power undeniable success. THIS is where you’ll learn, inspire and innovate.


Andrea Linehan, Global CMO, CurrencyFair & Zai

“Money20/20 is the pinnacle of all fintech events”

From the networking mavericks to the serial deal sealers we’re the only show which welcomes the entire ecosystem to take what they need to accelerate their business. Before you scroll off to dive into Andrea’s epic money memories, just think, If Andrea made mega connections within the first hour, how many power moves will you be able to make in three whole days?


Mary Agbesanwa, Former Growth Lead, Seccl

“I knew I had to be here again”

Whether you're a CEO, Managing Director, CMO, Growth Lead or just starting your fintech journey, Money20/20 brings fintech's finest together to make deals, build partnerships, make breakthroughs and raise profiles. 70% of attendees said they'd be back. Are you one of them?


Lauren Langbridge, Former Global VP Sales, CurrencyCloud

"If you're not here, where are you?”

There comes a time when a video really is worth a thousand words. Former Global VP Sales, Lauren Langbridge shares how building partnerships with existing customers and making deals with new ones is made possible as soon as you step onto the Money20/20 show floor.

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