Money20/20 Europe 2022 Highlights

A year of milestones

2022 was a year full of jaw-dropping moments, game-changing business deals, and one-of-a-kind content sessions that left everyone inspired.

We are ready to do it all over again this June in Amsterdam, the one place where the fintech community loves to do business. The money ecosystem will once again gather together to address the challenges of now and build what comes next in the industry.

It is our responsibility to charter the uncharted and shape with our communities ,the future of the industry.

Lets talk numbers...

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A reminder of what you experienced

A look back at a few of our most popular sessions from our show in Amsterdam.

Visa Tink

Visa completed its acquisition of the European open banking platform Tink in March 2022 – the largest fintech acquisition to date in this space.

Let’s be honest – you have several questions.

Why has one of the world’s most established payments companies made such a large acquisition in this area? Why did Tink’s co-founder and CEO jump at the chance to become part of the Visa stable? And what’s next for the two giants of their fields now that they’re working together?


OnlyFans is becoming a household name but the platform is famous for letting its creators do the talking, allowing creators from all genres to earn over $7.5 billion in revenue by sharing the content they create with their fans. Now it’s the turn of CSOO Keily Blair and CFO Lee Taylor to walk the main stage of Money20/20 and share the OnlyFans story and what it is like to be at the epicentre of the creator economy.

Team OnlyFans will shed some light on how its subscription model is providing payments success and driving online safety, and how OnlyFans copes with the growing pains of becoming a household name under the megawatt glare of the media spotlight.

It ain’t easy being green

It would be almost impossible to avoid the acronym ESG these days – consumers are increasingly concerned that the organizations that they bank with are ethically and environmentally sound. But there is often a disconnect between what companies say and what companies do when it comes to their climate conscious activities, leading to accusations of “greenwashing”.

How do today’s financial institutions win over skeptics? What initiatives are actually climate positive? And which companies are the poster children of, in the words of Kermit the Frog, “being green”?

How High is too High When it Comes to Fintech Valuations?

2021 was an exceptional year for the fintech industry, with record levels of funding and deals across every major region. Funding in the space alone shot up by a staggering 168% to reach $131.5 billion in 2021 compared to $49 billion in 2020, per CB Insights, with fintech idols like Stripe and Klarna reaching gargantuan valuations.

But are the good times coming to an end? 2022 has proven to be a hostile economic environment for businesses across a swath of industries, and fintech is no exception. Rising interest rates, a cost-of-living crisis for consumers, and geopolitical instability have already seen trillions in valuation wiped off public markets.

As market conditions deteriorate, fintech valuations appear to be the big pink elephant in the room. Join us in this session as we discuss what this valuation disconnect means for fintechs and investors, and whether or not the fintech funding party is coming to a halt.

Can Regulators Be Innovative? Innovation and Regulation - Partners in the success of financial services

Innovation and regulation - Partners in the success of financial services. Jessica will be sharing how she is building and evolving the FCA’s relationship with big tech companies, Fintechs and the wider data science community.

What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas

Take a look at exclusive content, straight out of our show in Vegas!

An Embedded Revolution: How Platforms And Marketplaces Will Reimagine Financial Services Session description

Embedded finance is revolutionizing fintech as we know it. The trope of, "software eating the world," is quickly turning to, "fintech eating the world," and embedded finance has been the driver. Executives from Adyen, eBay, and Squire will discuss how platforms and marketplaces will lead this revolution. The session will be moderated by the woman who wrote the book on embedded finance, Scarlett Sieber, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer, Money20/20.

Not to bury the lead, but, by the way, Adyen will share a large announcement with the potential to change the landscape of the financial ecosystem.

America's Got Access: Winner Announcement

10 entrepreneurs will pitch in the morning before Sunday Night Live during the America's Got Access Pitch Competition. One company will be chosen for an investment for $100,000 from Commerce Ventures. Meet the winning company and make sure you're sitting down for a very special surprise to be announced during Sunday Night Live.

The Evolution of the CMO

The role of the CMO is evolving. Driving loyalty and retention is still part of the equation, but CX is increasingly a significant factor. Creating superlative customer experiences is no longer an aspiration; it's an expectation. In this conversation, we will discuss the nuances in the industry fueling this shift and how marketing leaders in our space can evolve their CX and brand strategies.

Payments: The New Pillar of Brand Identity

This 1:1 will discuss how Victoria's Secret has aligned its payments strategy to its values, commitment to inclusion, and supporting consumers throughout every phase of their lives. Retailers will learn how to adjust their payments programs, while financial services and fintech companies will better understand how to help their retail clients as brand values and inclusion efforts become increasingly crucial to reaching Gen Z.

A Taste For What's To Come

We have a lot of exciting things coming in 2023! We are excited to announce that we created a new exclusive programme: The StartUps Hangout at Money Beach. Our expert group of panellists (consisting of top, global investors) will select 30 of the most promising startups to showcase who they are and the problem they are solving. Applications are now open and will close 27 January.

Our Call For Content (sessions) has now closed and we are excited to go through the game-changing submissions we received. Our Call For Content (speakers) will open on 16 January. Find out more and apply to speak on our global stages.