Backstage interviews at Money20/20

Go beyond the stage

Peek behind the curtain

Stage content is one thing but what happens when our speakers step off stage. Check out our backstage interviews with some of the leading players in fintech.

Metaverse is huge opportunity for Binance

People don't understand how the Metaverse will affect their lives, Binance will create materials to better educate people.

The eco-system is complex for payments

The biggest hurdle for embedded finance is the repetition of what happened with open banking....

Shopify and NFTs in the same sentence

Shopify supports and upholds the small businesses and entreprenuers so we can do all the shopping we want.

Get a glimpse of the culture at Moove

"It's one of the coolest conferences I've ever been to". No, we did not pay him to say that.

Fancy some advice from Nexo on the Metaverse?

The Metaverse has Antoni very excited, he says what businesses should do to prepare. Oh, and he called us a top tier event, he isn't lying.

N26 have a message for you

According to Valentin we should be talking about the super low competition in challenger banking.

That's right, OnlyFans were here

We got the inside scoop on the creator economy, check out their backstage interview. took over our stage

Peter shares his view on the biggest hurdles in the market over the next 5 years.